My Kid Wants to Vape.  Would you let them?

I get asked this question almost daily.  First and foremost, I think it is important to distinguish “kid”.  We, and other vape shops, should not be selling to anyone under 18- in some cases 21.  I am going to assume when we say “kid”, we mean someone you have influence over whom is of an approved age.

With that out of the way, there is a lot of reasons to vape or not vape that are covered under a lot of articles all of the internet.  You can read the facts, myths, research, etc.  When you do, please take note of who funded the study as many companies have a lot to lose by the vaping industry’s success. We always encourage people to do their own research and make sure they understand the pros/ cons. 


I am going to focus on three aspects of vaping that I would consider if it were someone I loved.


#1: Vaping is for smokers


The Vaping Industry started as an alternative to smoking.  The majority of people (even youth) who start vaping do it because they have started smoking and want an alternative.  Less than 3% of the industry is comprised of never-smokers.  Someone asking to start vaping, statistically speaking, is already a smoker.


There are two parental responses after reading number 1:

a)       Uh oh. 

b)      Not my kid

My two other aspects of vaping will address each of those.


#2 Vaping is safer than smoking.


The research is overwhelming in this area.  You can view my other posts for detailed research on this.  Vaping is not better than nothing.  So if you have to choose between traditional cigarettes and combustion vs pharmaceutical grade components and only four ingredients… well you know where we stand.


#3 No nicotine is better than nicotine.

No one is going to tell you that nicotine is good for you.  However, if people are using those pod based/ USB shaped vapes those have nicotine in them. A zero nicotine vape is much safer and healthier than ones with nicotine.


In summary, vaping is safer than smoking and can be used an alternative.  People “trying other peoples’ vapes” can be unsafe due to nicotine levels and a chance for addiction to that chemical.

We hope that helps...

Lisa Gregory