Shop Review: Smok Rolo Badge

For disclosures: These are our opinions only.  We are not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated in any way with any of the products we review.  We are a retail wholesalers only. 

For the purposes of this review, we used the black Smok Rolo Badge and various types of eliquids.



          We gave 4 stars for design because of its unique shape.   The icon on the badge looks like a fire button so we did take away a star for that because it is confusing.  However, it is heavier than expected for like devices.

         This thing can be taken anywhere- a full 5 stars.  It is small, compact and easy to hide- although I think you will want to show it off.

         Middle of the road with a three stars.  It isn't bad or dull flavor but it is not amazing either.

         This device makes clouds, but they dissipate pretty fast.  This adds to its stealth rating but inst good for tricks.

         The cost is reasonable for its size, but it is a pod system so the entire pod needs replaced which adds to the costs.

        Two stars because it needs charged everyday almost. But it does charge fairly quickly.



Parting Words:

Overall, I like this vape and carry it personally.  It is small and compact but has some weight to it.  It is fun to show off to friends because it is unique and easy to have in your pocket.  I recommend this to anyone looking for a manual device that can hold salts for a "just out of smoking" device.


Lisa Gregory