Shop Review: Aspire Breeze


For the purposes of this review, we used the blue Aspire Breeze and various types of eliquids.



          We love the design.  Easy to hold in your hand, lightweight and comes in great colors.  However, it loses points for the messy fill.  You have to remove the entire coil to fill the device which can lead to liquid spills.  We always tell people to keep the great tray it comes in for filling purposes- so perhaps they did think of that with design.

         This thing can be taken anywhere- a full 5 stars.  The colors are amazing.  The lights when hitting it add to a nice design without a ton of flash.

         Middle of the road with a three stars.  It isn't bad or dull flavor but it is not amazing either.

         The clouds on this considering its size are actually pretty remarkable.  You can do some tricks or longer hits.

         The cost (at our shop at least) is perfect.  Under $30 and you are out the door with all you need.

        Two stars because it needs charged everyday almost. But it does charge fairly quickly.


Parting Words:

Overall, I like this vape and sell them everyday- in all their beautiful colors.  This is perfect for a new vapor and handles the nicotine salts wonderfully.  Allowing you to choose between a manual or fire button draw is a big plus for many users.  I recommend the Aspire Breeze with the charging port so it stays upright.  

Lisa Gregory